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Laser Toenail Treatment

Toenail fungus discoloration nails and makes a brittle and sometimes painful toenail. Now, laser therapy is a new addition to the previous medication treatments. Laser technology is safe and painless and has a high effective rate. It targets fungal infection cells leaving the healthy nail in tact. Most health insurance plans do not cover this cost. The effectiveness and need for repeated treatments.

Foot Surgery

Most foot problems can be treated by conservative measures, but when the is not sufficient, training in the latest surgical techniques keep this channel of options open. Minor procedures are done in the office with use of local anesthetic. Otherwise, hospital based surgery is at William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich.

Sports Medicine / Sports Injuries

Returning the athlete to activity quickly but safely is the goal. We offer sports medicine treatments based on medical training and based on our physician's own running and athletic background. That mixture brings an advantageous result to our patients that brings caution soon with desire to return to the field.

Diabetic Foot Wounds

We utilize the latest methods to heal wounds and infections from skin to bone infections that are many times resistant and difficult to heal when diabetes is compounded.

Foot Orthopedics

With 28 bones in each foot and countless ligaments, muscles and tendons, foot orthopedics is among the most complicated orthopedics in the body.

Podiatric Medicine

The field of Podiatric Medicine involves ALL body systems. In the feet there is countless nerves, vessels, muscles, joints and many overall manifestations of diseases that affect the feet. Therefore the Podiatrist is the trained expert in orthopedics, skin diseases and conditions, neurology and circulation of the lower extremity and diseases and infections that affect the lower extremity.

Wound Care

Affiliated with the American Professional Wound Healing Association, our doctor is specially trained in techniques for optimizing slow or non healing wounds, infections and sores.

Heel/Arch Pain

Affecting 60% of all people at some time, this common issue has many causes. Distinguishing them is key to resulting in an effective treatment. From conservative to surgical treatment, our heel pain protocols include a wide variety of solutions.


The joints of the feet are affected similarly to other joints in the body and therefore requires that we are experts in arthritis treatment as necessary.


From large to small, size matters. But pain matters more. When is it time to 'fix' a bunion? When YOU say it is! Alternatively, there are many non-surgical means to improve the painful condition.

Emergency Care

For our established patients, we offer direct support and contact in the event of off hours emergencies. And for those foot conditions which may end you up in the emergency department, call the office first. Many times we will be available for urgent care from bleeding to fractures to acute pain and falls or twists. Dr Levine also covers our established patients through their hospital stay.


Many times swelling is NOT treated by taking another water pill. And leg swelling can lead to sores and infections. We offer evaluation and specific treatments that many times, work quite simply and quickly.


The Podiatrist is the expert of foot anatomy and therefore, the expert for treating fractures / Breaks to bring the healed anatomy back into the correct alignment.

Nerve Damage

This can come from medical conditions as well as physical trauma to the nerve. We offer several diagnostic measures and treatment protocols for this very bothersome and dangerous condition.


Infectious diseases of the lower extremity are handled in a very precise manner. We have specialized expertise in this field to aid with minor and the most severe limb/life threatening infections.


A form of arthritis that affects the whole body but manifests with very painful foot condition. This is often wrongly diagnosed or misdiagnosed and there is a simple plan to monitor and prevent painful flair-ups.

Plantar Fasciitis

Affecting 60% of all people at some time, this common issue has many causes. Distinguishing them is key to resulting in an effective treatment. From conservative to surgical treatment, our heel pain protocols include a wide variety of the latest and the most effective solutions to get you back to your activity as quickly as possible. Treatments ranging from non surgical means to sometimes necessary surgical techniques.


Call us ASAP, for foot/ankle area Breaks, fractures and painful twisting injuries. Often people go to the Emergency Department and after a lengthy visits end up here anyway. If these types of injuries are treated with specific expertise, results are improved.

Bone Spurs

These can happen in many bones causing pain and limitation of activities. There are many ways to treat these problems that does not always have to be surgery. There are many more conservative methods to attempt first.

Ingrown Toenails

Stop picking! These can be fixed. Sibling fixing, regular infections can develop on the side of he ingrown nail, which becomes a bigger problem.

General Foot Pain

It is not normal to have regular foot pain. In fact, it is quite simple to identify causes of most foot pain. Many patients wait for years to seek treatment, when something could have been easily handled in the initial stages.


This is a swelling of a nerve path usually caused by some type of bone positioning. It is more easily cured if this is treated early before allowing the condition to build up over too long of a time.

Diabetic Conditions

There are many regular foot conditions and problems that are made worse because of the diabetic complications which add circulatory and nerve deficits. Expert evaluation and consideration of all of these complications is key in preventing further problems and healing issues. Specialized treatment of these foot conditions and evaluation of circulation and nerve issues is the method to preventing ulcers and amputations. We take extra measures to test and diagnosis and consider these issue.

Numbness / Neuropathy

This can be from a nerve impingement issue or a pathology of the nerves causing the problem. Correct evaluation of the specific condition can bring improvement. There are medicinal and other treatment possibilities.


Children can have the same issues as in the adult foot so we have to take special considerations in treatments. But other conditions can be from birth. We handle children's foot and walking conditions from as young as a few months old. Through development there are many milestones that children course through. Some children have infections and even ingrown toenails. Some youths walk with their toes pointed out or in. Many times this will correct itself but many times it won't and there is a very simple but precise method to aid in the correct alignment that can even result in straighter walking and faster running.


According to a national reporting agency, in 2011 there were 2.4 million visits to Emergency Rooms in the USA. The initial condition is often treated and then seems to resolve. Unfortunately, as the trained expert on these condition, months and even years later, patients present with ankle weakening or pain that can relate to their previous sprain years prior. It is key to specifically treat these conditions to our protocols in the initial onset to help prevent future issues.


Often painful and unsightly, treatment is very simple and painless. But first, often what looked like a wart is not. There are other conditions that mimic warts, identifying this properly brings results.


Bending of toes can cause unsightly issues and pain. Hammertoes can be easily fixed with relatively short recovery periods. As alternative to surgery, there are methods to accommodate for the bending and the pain.


Using the latest techniques and healing agents and expertise, there are many reasons why leg and foot sores take a long time to heal. Using wound care expertise, we minimize wound healing time and examine and treat the underlying issue.

Corn / Callus

These are the body's way to protect the weaker skin from breaking into sores in specific pinpoint area of bone pressure. Sometimes scraping with devices can cause bleeding and defrosts anyway. Certain skin treatments, some over the counter and some prescription can diminish the calluses. Otherwise, the irregular bone force should be addressed to stop the pressure.

Skin Conditions

The largest organ of the body, the skin has a slightly different cellular arrangement on the bottom of the foot as compared to the rest of the body. Additionally, conditions such as skin cancers, psoriasis, rashes, etc, occur on the feel and are treated with expertise of these conditions.